Arendal Upper Secondary School has a long tradition of internationalization, which mainly consists of

  • Participation in European projects within Comenius and Eramus+
  • Project including student exchanges with schools in Denmark and the Netherlands
  • Internet based project cooperation with partner schools
  • Excursions to European countries and language courses.
  • Teacher assistants from other European countries Participation in European networks.
  • Collaboration with a school in Mwanza City, Tanzania.


Our school is a member of the European Network of schools, ELOS, which promotes “Europe as a Learning Environment in Schools”

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Nina Johnsson                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Faglig og pedagogisk leder for fremmedspråk og estetiske fag 

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What is Elos About?
'Elos' stands for 'Europe as a learning environment in schools'. It is both a concept and a network.
The Elos Network is funded as a Comenius 3 project in the period October 2005 to September 2008. They are now in the planning phase for the dissemination conference in September and for the upcoming years. Elos includes about 200 schools and support organisations from about 15 European countries and continues to grow.