Living conditions and environment

National statistics concerning migration and settlement show that our county is an attractive part of Norway. Aust-Agder nearly tops the list of counties with regards to number of people moving here from other parts of Norway. The varied local nature and mild coastal climate are, of course, contributing factors to this influx.

Short distances and regular air and sea links to the European continent are part of the explanation for the influx of people to Aust-Agder. Quick access to transportation and communication is available, both for travel within the country and abroad. The airport of Kjevik has a wide range of daily domestic and international flights. The port of Kristiansand in neighbouring Vest -Agder has several daily ferry-boat departures daily to the continent. Travel by road or rail is steadily being improved with the aim of meeting EU highway and inter-city standards.

Nevertheless, the county faces important challenges when it comes to planning and implementation of the future development of the region. Some serious environmental problems, like acid rain threatening to pollute lakes, rivers and forests, have to be met with countermeasures such as an expensive and continuous process of neutralising acidity with the use of limestone powder that is deposited in inland lakes.

The living conditions and environment along the coast are dependant on development in the North Sea and Skagerrak. To meet challenges common for all regions surrounding these basins, Aust - Agder co-operates on a national level with the counties in the western part of Norway. On an international level, the county takes part in activities initiated by the North Sea Commission (NSC). Aust-Agder is a member of NSC.