A small county – great natural variations

Aust-Agder County is one of the smaller counties in Norway. With regards to area, Aust-Agder is, with 9.206km2, well below the average size of about 17.000 km2.

Situated in southern Norway, on the coast of Skagerrak, Aust-Agder county borders onto the counties of Telemark to the east, Vest-Agder to the south-west and Rogaland to the north-west. The Hardanger plateau, one of Norway´s major national parks, is located roughly 250 km. north of the coastal area. Several rivers run through Aust-Agder, starting in the mountains to the north, and winding their way through deep valleys to the coastal areas in the south.

Most of Aust-Agder´s inhabitants live in the coastal area, in small cities such as Risør, Tvedestrand, Arendal, Grimstad and Lillesand. Arendal, with nearly 45.000 inhabitants, is the county capital. The remaining population is spread out in rural inland areas, with some smaller villages such as Evje, Valle in the valley of Setesdal and Åmli in the eastern region.

Aust-Agder has a varied landscape, consisting of a coastal area, river valleys, forested areas and mountains. This unique composition provides ample opportunity for a wide variety of sports and recreation throughout the year. Aust-Agder is a favoured area for tourism and holidays , both for visitors from abroad as well as Norwegians from all over the country. The summer season is especially attractive, with a myriad of yachts and sailboats plying the many harbours and inlets that dot the coastline. During the winter season, our mountain resorts offer excellent winter sports facilities, both for hardy outdoor sportsmen and more comfortable family living in cosy apartments or cottages, located close to modern alpine skiing facilities.